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After years of suffering from a high speed motorcycle accident and other extreme sports type injuries; Mark Lesicka, the founder of Float Spa San Diego was searching for answers to stress, pain and poor sleep. In 2007, Mark and Malou Lesicka visited Tim Strudwick of Floatworks in London (at the time-the world’s largest float center) to learn about floating. For many years, the U.S. had only a handful of float locations making it difficult to learn the ropes here in the states. The following year in early 2008, Float Spa San Diego opened, the first commercial float center in the city. Their goal has always been to provide an all natural approach to stress and pain relief.

Their first location started inside of “Alternative Health Care of San Diego”. They began with two tanks and soon expanded to three and relocating to the new location. This location was chosen for its quiet and serene environment. The new facility is literally five feet below the road virtually eliminating all “vibration road noise” experienced in many locations. At the old facility clients would often clients complain after their float of what felt like an earthquake. We discovered that road noise was the cause. Another benefit of this location is the absence of sirens and other loud penetrating noise that ruins a good float session experience.

Our Location

Float Spa San Diego

9520 Padgett Street,

Suite 106,

San Diego, CA 92126

Phone. 858-279-3301

Email. info@floatspasandiego.com

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