Anxiety and Depression

---R.E.S.T. Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy--- has been proven to help those who suffer from anxiety and or depression. In one study, 32 patients were diagnosed with stress-related muscular pain, and 16 of the participants also received a second diagnosis of burnout depression. Patients were treated with flotation R.E.S.T. for six weeks. Participants exhibited lowered blood pressure, reduced pain, anxiety, depression, stress and negative affectivity, as well as increased optimism, energy and positive affectivity (Department of Psychology, Karlstad University, Sweden. 2005).

REST has been shown to remove stress-related chemicals from the bloodstream such as adrenaline, cortisol, lactate and ACTH and replaces them with beneficial endorphins. Completely free from external stimulation, the brain is able to synchronize its two hemispheres. At this point, the mind and body go into a deep state of relaxation, better than any regular night’s sleep. In this deep state of relaxation the brain begins to release theta waves as if in a deep state of meditation. With consistent use over time, customers will notice their anxiety or depression symptoms diminish, leaving them in a pure state of joy. The overall mental health health benefits of REST:

  • Calms the analytical and worrisome side of the brain

  • Increases endorphins in bloodstream

  • Decreases stress hormones in blood stream

  • Increases cardiovascular efficiency due to dilation of blood vessels

  • Increases nutrient delivery

  • Decreases muscles tension, BP, HR and oxygen consumption

Calm the Mind for Enhanced Cognitive Function

Using the tank for mental enhancement can benefit a great deal of people. Multiple studies have shown that REST in a float tank can increase cognitive function when it comes to athletic performance, work, school or the stresses of everyday life. One study combined REST with imagery training and found that it increased the athletic performance of collegiate basketball players. Others studies have shown that REST in a float pod increased creativity and problem solving in test subjects. With consistent use of REST, one is able to unlock his mind’s true potential, allowing him to take on life with a fresh mental perspective. Participants are able to get into their minds and visualize what it is they want to change, fix or better in their lives.

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