Cleaning Protocol

We take great pride in our sanitation process.

We get questions on our filtration often lately so we put this together to hopefully answer your questions.

We've always taken the following precautions and added some more:

1- Water has always been filtered to 1 micron. By comparison, most swimming pools and spas use less effective 40 micron. Anything smaller than 35 is impossible to see without a microscope. As an added precaution, we never rinse and reuse a filter. We dispose of the entire filter and replace it with a brand new one every 40 sessions. This is well before the life expectancy.

2- Ultraviolet light similar to what is being used in water treatment plants for drinking water sterilization is used between floaters And throughout the day. UV is a powerful way to neutralize anything under 1 micron that may escape our filter.

3- Ozone is injected into the water and air to further sanitize the walls,

air and water. Another backup to destroy airborne and waterborne


4- The air from the room and the float area is removed and replaced with carbon/zeolite filtered air at a very high speed between floaters. The residual ozone further destroys contaminants in the air.

5- Hydrogen peroxide is always present in our water. This is one of the best oxidizers and has a very fast kill rate against bacteria, virus', and the like. The Mayo Clinic lists hydrogen peroxide as one of the three best ways to fight against the spread of any virus. Its cost is nearly ten times the cost of chlorine. We began with chlorine back in 2008. In 2012, we made the decision to put safety above dollars and converted over to hydrogen peroxide.

6- Towels are dried using 150 Degree high temp.

7- Inside of tanks are sprayed down with 150 degree water.

8- We turn away anyone who shows symptoms of being sick.

9- Our water filtration system is designed for a 50,000 gallon pool. That means instead of filtering the entire body of water 4 times in a day we filter it 4x's between clients.

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