What if I fall asleep?

The high concentration of salt inside the float tank makes it very hard to sink but when dealing with any body of water such as a float tank, jacuzzi, spa, pool, lake, ocean, etc., there is always the possibility and risk of drowning.

Relax and enjoy whatever happens, sleep or just a peaceful feeling. Each pod contains so much salt you will literally be on top of the water and almost impossible to rollover in the water. If you feel the need just sit up and you will be sitting in only ten inches of water. The solution is so dense it supports the most difficult floaters. In the unlikely event that you manage to rollover in the salt water, the extremely high content of salt in our water will startle you awake as it enters your eyes and mouth.

Will the salt wrinkle my skin?

Absolutely not! For starters Epsom Salt is not salt it is made up of the mineral Magnesium and will not wrinkle your skin at all. In fact, you will leave with silky smooth skin and the more you float the softer it will become.

How is hygiene maintained?

With such a high concentration of mineral salts (10 times the ocean), the tank is a very sterile environment – this inhibits the growth of bacteria/microorganisms. Utilizing multi-stage filtration, Ozone Plasma Gap Technology and UV light sterilization before and after each session and throughout the night, the water is safer than bath water. Our tanks are inspected throughout the day, cleaned daily, water is tested regularly, and filters are changed weekly. The entire air is filtered and exchanged between sessions. We use non-toxic Hydrogen Peroxide as an added safe and highly effective disinfectant.

What can I expect when I float?

Usually, the first session or two is a period of adjusting to this unique environment; however, most people experience a state of deeper physical and mental relaxation in subsequent sessions. One may relax quicker, deeper or more completely and begin to experience aspects of oneself which is interesting and useful. Each floatation session may be as different as the individuals who experience them. There will be music that will wind you down, it will taper after a short while and will be used to let you know your session has ended.

Can floating help my medical condition?

Research in clinical and hospital settings has shown floatation to be a powerful tool in treating high blood pressure, muscular, neurological, endocrine and other stress related disorders. Other findings indicate that floatation significantly increases the production of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good / happy” hormones. In this regard the tank is being used to treat depression and bring relief to individuals who suffer with chronic pain. Of course, you always want to consult your personal healthcare professional for your individual needs.

Will floating complement other treatment modalities?

Many clinics, health care professionals and their clients have found flotation to be an invaluable adjunct to various treatment modalities. Often the effects of a treatment can be amplified, and the healing accelerated, when the tank is used in tandem. If you float before your next treatment such as massage, acupuncture and the like, you may be more receptive to the treatment, if you float after, you may experience a deeper float.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

Some people experience anxiety at the idea of entering the tank. For that reason, we have created a large “Float Room” resembling a salt cave with soothing rock formations on the walls and a full height ceiling to ease the fear of being in a small space, lights controllable by the floater and the most amazing sound system you will ever experience while floating.

You can choose to float with the door of the tank open or request to float in the float room. If however you really become uncomfortable, you can end your session whenever you like.

How does flotation work?

In a soundproof and lightproof heated spa (approximately 4ft X 8ft in the pod or 5ft x 9ft in the float room water at skin temperature – 94 degrees F) filled with ten inches of soothing pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salt Solution (800lbs to 1,200lbs of salt) creating an environment more buoyant than the Dead Sea, clients float away mental stress, physical stress, chronic pain and much more.

Do I need to bring anything for the float session?

You can choose to bring your swim suit; however, the float tank is situated in a private room with its own shower so it is not necessary since you may float without the restrictive clothing. Towels are provided at no additional charge. Each shower is provided with shampoo and shower gels free of charge.
Note: If you use contact lenses, please remember to bring something to store them in while you float to avoid losing them while floating.

Do I need to prepare in any way?

Floating is most likely the simplest pastime there is. Before float, DO NOT apply oil, lotion, or perfume. It is highly recommended not to shave 3-4 hours before floating since freshly shaven skin can cause stinging. A light snack before your float is fine however drinking coffee is not recommended as it may interfere with the ability to relax.

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