Pregnancy and Floating

Pregnancy is commonly known to be strenuous on the mother's body, especially on her midsection. Floating is a productive approach in relieving the body from these common muscle aches, pains and stresses. By floating in one of our float pods or in our custom float room, the added weight of bearing a child is alleviated. While floating in this zero-gravity environment, the body releases all tension from problematic areas experienced during pregnancy, such as the low back, abdomen and swelling of the legs. There’s no stress or pressure on any of the joints because the body is literally floating as if in space. REST also promotes excellent sleep recovery for those uncomfortable long, achy nights. Another benefit mothers have reported is a powerful connection with their child unlike any they have experienced before. Float Spa San Diego™ provides the perfect environment in which mother and baby are rejuvenated, relaxed and nurtured. Mothers have also reported further benefits such as:

  • Complete state of relaxation

  • Strong connection with baby

  • Baby is just as relaxed as you

  • Restored energy

  • Rejuvenation of mind and body

I’m pregnant. Can floating harm my baby?

Float Spa San Diego™ always advises you to check with your healthcare provider prior to floating to check for any conditions that might be specific to you. In order for your doctor to be properly informed, here are the details of your float environment:

  • Temperature: Water is held at an external skin temperature (94-95 degrees F). During the float body temperature will remain normal without an increase in core temperature.

  • Water Depth: Depth is approximately 10 inches in depth with 1,000 lbs of USP Epsom Salt in solution or 1.28 density. More buoyant than the Dead Sea, our float tanks enable everyone to float effortlessly.

  • Purification: Water is purified between each float session utilizing multi-stage filtration coupled with Ultraviolet sterilization.. The entire body of water cycles through our purification process five times between floats. Tanks are inspected and monitored daily, cleaned between floats, with salt added daily and filters changed weekly. Fresh water is added into each tank twice per week. Our float tanks contain city water that has been filtered before filling the tank. At the end of the day, when the spa is closed, water goes into filtration, adding ozone to further sanitize the interior walls of the tanks.  As an added safe sanitizer we use a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide to insure the cleanliness of the water. Hydrogen peroxide is often found in mouthwash and in some countries used a skin beautifier, making it a great addition to your float treatment. 

  • Ample Air: Each tank has Carbon/Zeolite filtered airflow  to ensure continuous air flow. Fresh filtered outdoor air enters each room from the rear assuring air quality. There is complete air removal between each float to ensure no perfumes, scents or impurities are present upon the next client’s entry.

  • Lights: Lights are located in each tank for easy entry and exit, controllable by user.

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